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The Night Circus 

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I heard about this book from my dash and it got me curious so I gave it a shot. All in all I rather enjoyed it, the story was fun and tragic,the characters were interesting, but by far I loved all the detail of the circus its self. It made you feel like you were really there surrounded by the tents,sounds and even smells,not going to lie I really wanted to dress up while reading just so I could feel even a bit closer.         

 I saw this book being mentioned on another site and as soon as I saw the cover I knew I just had to read it but after the first page I almost gave up because I would usually never be able to finish a book that has both second person narration(don’t worry it doesn’t really happen often) an over description but to my surprise both elements really did help make the Le Cirque des Rêves feel like it was a living and breathing entity.

The plot is wonderful but just about everything kind of just falls onto the back burner compared to the circus there is just so much thought and explanation in every chapter I found myself forgetting that there were actually two people suppose to be dueling to the death.

The characters are wonderful and I feel like even though there are a good amount of them you do get to know and form some sort of opinion on each one of them. The only character I really had a problem with was Marco from his introduction to his very last page I just didn’t trust the guy.

The only thing that I was disappointed in was from the summary I definitely thought there was going to be actual magic dueling happening so I kept just kind of waiting and waiting and waiting for it to actually happen but it never really did it is explained why near the end but just couldn’t shake off the slight disappointment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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